hi everyone ! i'm ivy or chanus, as you like, and i'm from france. that's made one or two years, more or less, that i made avatars of kpop celebrity (american people and japanese too, of course) for people who are in the rpg world ! This is free service! So this is for you. But please can credit if you use the name of "ivy" or "chanus". Thank you very much! love you, guys.
a special kiss for my lovely followers ! ♥
orders are open but i will answer to it more slowly.

you'll find 95 entries for mens, or 984 avatars, and 101 entries for women, or 760 avatars with a total of 1714 avatars.

melonjyuseu asked :
dear lord. your avatars are perfect. i'm here to ask you avatars of maeda atsuko & lee hyeri. please, can u do them ? thank you very much ! :)

Hi little cutie ! 
I’m sory for the waiting, but like i said, i’m not at home and my internet isn’t good.. But, here is your avatars ! & !
Enjoy ! 

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Anonymous asked :
Coucou! Me voilà de retour après quelques semaines! J'aimerais demander des avatar de Jungkook de BTS si possible. Tu as carte de blanche pour le style!

Hey coucou toi ! 
Alors, voici tes avatars, avec beaucoup de retard je l’avoue mais là où je suis, la connexion internet est limite inaccessible so..

J’espère qu’ils te plairont ! 

Enjoy ! Bisous en chocolat ! 

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